LA Comic Con "Sealed MTG Tournament" 12/1/23 "Magic the Gathering"

Regular price $40.00

Sealed MTG Tournament @ Rated Comics Booth

December 1, 2023 Starts at  1 pm Seats are Limited to Purchase a Spot

Includes 2 Rated Comics MTG Boosters “Total of 48 Cards”

Don't be Late and Must be Present to Play

LA Convention Center @ Rated Comics Booth

  • Single Elimination
  • Unlimited Rebuys ($40 Each - Includes 2 Packs)
  • Deck Build Time 15 Mins
  • Play Time 20 Mins - Per Player
  • Pay Structure
    • 1st Win 10 Tickets
    • 2nd Win 10 Tickets
    • 3rd Win 10 Tickets
    • 4th Win 10 Tickets
    • 5th Win 30 Tickets


*Tickets are Redeemable at Rated Comics Booth @ LA Comic Con 2023 at a $1 per Ticket Value - There is no Cash Value in exchange for a Ticket

A Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Sealed Tournament is a competitive event where players receive a fixed number of booster packs and construct a deck on the spot from the cards they open. Typically, participants are to build a 40-card minimum deck, including basic lands provided by the event organizers. The unpredictability of the card pool adds an exciting element as players strategize to create a powerful deck with limited resources. Sealed Tournaments test players' deck-building skills, adaptability, and ability to make strategic decisions on the fly. Matches are single elimination. Success in a Sealed Tournament requires a blend of deck construction prowess, knowledge of the current card set, and strategic gameplay to navigate the diverse field of opponents and emerge victorious.